Chris Cong

Hi there, I am Chris Cong, a trainer, a web designer, a freelancer and a photographer.

Base on about 7 years work expereience in software development and training management, I have a compentency on coding of web, training delivery and materials design, and personal passion on photography, vlog and video edit.

What I Do

Web & Visual Design

Abilities to design a enterprise offical website, and web development on specfic requirements.

Independent Photography

Passion on photography and vlog, abilities to handle photography projects from customer, familier video edit tools.

Training & Materials Design

Training delivery on orientation, soft skills and technique, and materials, standard design.

Project & Training Management

Abilities to leading project in software development, and TNA, training plan, and training evaluation in enterprise which meets audit requirement as well.



7 Years of Experience


University of Liverpool

Msc E-Business Strategy and System

I majored in E-Business and slecected supply chain as an elective course. Courses include Web development, Project management, Supply chain management, SAP TERP10 and SAP Crystal Dashboard.

My team and I leaded a graduation project for designing and developing a website for blended learning program.

For the SAP Dashboard competition, I was a team leader and who was awarded as the 3rd prize among other universities in Europe.

NCC Education

International Dioploma in Computer Studies

A certified computing training program from NCC education in UK, that I completed this program in Neusoft which includes Project management, Website development, Database design, Programming method and other related programming courses.

Neusoft Insitute Guangdong

Software Engineering

A general 3 years college degree from Neusoft, I was awarded: Best graduate student, Merit student, Scholarships, 1st prize in software design competition.


2017.11 - Current
Jabil Inc.

Training Officer

Responsible for staff annual training plan, training plan based on the training needs and plan implementation, evaluation and tracking, familiar with ADDIE. Responsible for operation and management of Learning Management System, familiar with online courses, participant, learning records and data management.

Familiar with a variety of LMS platform operation, such as SAP SuccessFactors, Workday. Responsible for the online course of editing, visualisation, online operation, familiar with the curriculum design of related software; Responsible for employee orientation, enterprise culture, soft skills training delivery.

Responsible for the training of the related internal and external audit, such as ISO system, VDA system. Responsible for the design of the training process, training arrangements, and work for training evaluation and effect evaluation.

2015 - 2017
Apple Inc.

Creative Pro

Responsible for executing training session to employee and customer in Apple retail. Responsible for schedule management of trainer, analysis of statics of customer feedback, provide solutions for improving attendance and NPS.

Familiar with course design and development. Familiar and responsible for capturing and editing video project.

2014 - 2015
Huafa Group

Information Supervisor

Responsible for ERP and CRM system implementation and maintenance, combination, creation on marketing event with IT strategy.

Responsible for development of E-Business website and its strategy IT Project and process management.

2012 - 2014
Paxonpilot Ltd.

Reseach and Development Supervisor

Responsible for outsourcing project management, deasibility analysis, software framework and team manpower construction.

Responsible for projects tender set up, negotiation with serveral customer. Well experience on software development, software flow and project management.

Design Skills

Web Design


Print Design


Graphic Design


Coding Skills







Training Skills

Training Delivery


Materials Design


Training Plan


Software Technique

Final Cut Pro


Adobe Photoshop


SAP ERP & Crystal Dashboard


Mac OS



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SoundCloud Audio

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